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Popular Packages and Experiences for Your Senior Graduate!

Senior Graduate Samples (5 of 9)Senior Graduate Samples (5 of 9)

Congratulations! It's almost time to graduate from high school. Let's have some fun.

Getting senior photographs is a fun and popular event that show cases one of the biggest accomplishments in every young adults life. Teens love being able to share their photos with family and most of all friends. What parents don't realize is that with an experience from Mommy and Me Studio, your senior will always remember the fun adventure they got to have while capturing their professional photos. The seniors who I get the pleasure of meeting are so relaxed, they are able to share their full personality with me. They are silly, serious, beautiful, strong, confident, and playful. Best of all, when you review the collection of images, everyone is happy. I capture unique creative moments as well as classic family favorites.

I start you off with two popular experiences that parents, and seniors, tend to lean towards, but these can customize to your needs and wants.

Senior Graduate Samples  (5 of 11)Senior Graduate Samples (5 of 11)

Senior Highlight Experience, Photography Session A

  • The value of this experience is an adventurous 1 hour session.
  • I encourage seniors to bring at least one outfit change.
  • Together we capture both the fun side of your senior's style, as well as the classic, yet priceless, headshots.
  • We will do both posed and candid photos.
  • I love recommending going outdoors, but we can work indoors.
  • The senior graduate gets to hand out 4 sets of wallets to their closest friends
  • Parents get to enjoy a beautifully framed 8x10 wall art.
  • Don't worry you can always order more keepsakes.
  • CLICK HERE to chat and get my detailed pricing!


Senior Full Experience, Photography Session B

  • The this is a better value experience starting with a 1.5 hour session.
  • I encourage seniors to bring at least two outfit changes. Consider an elegant, a casual, and a sport/activity themed outfit.
  • We still capture both the fun side of your senior's style, as well as the classics.
  • I still make sure to get both posed and candid photos.
  • This experience is great for getting two locations.
  • Senior graduates get 2 more sets of wallets to distribute. (A total of 48 wallets/6 poses)
  • Parents get an upgraded wall art. The choice of a 24x36 canvas, or a large 16x20 framed moment.
  • CLICK HERE to chat and get my detailed pricing!


Senior Graduate Jarred (3 of 10)Senior Graduate Jarred (3 of 10)

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