Biggest Fears and Questions Answered About Your Photography Experience with Me, Crystal Horton Photography.

Newborn Infant whit (1 of 7)Newborn Infant whit (1 of 7)

Eliminating your doubt and earning your full trust.

Imagine your morning was rough. Your hair wasn't setting right. Your house was a disaster when you were leaving. You have a huge migraine. You delt with traffic on your way to your photo session. You arrived early but the photographer is late. But you push through because you want wonderful photos. Top it all off, when you get to review the photos, they are just okay. You try to contact the photographer, but the reply you get is: "Thanks for letting me take your picture, here is your download link. Let me know if you want any prints. Have a great day." And you never hear from them again.


These are real fears and experiences that wonderfully amazing people like yourself pay for!

Now imagine this; You wake up a little late. Your hair really isn't agreeing with what you want, but your makeup looks on point. You are running a little late, but when you arrive to the park, the breeze is refreshing, and your photographer is there waiting for you. She smiles at you, excited for you, and even compliments the hair you thought was rough. You have your session and it's a blast! When you get to see the images, they are fun. They are beautiful. Everyone in them is laughing. You even think in a few of the photos, you kind of look like a makeup model. Then when you think it's said and done. The photographer helps you design not just a sweet mini album from the adventure you had at the session, but she helps you get the right size canvas wall art. When you hang it on the wall, you are so addicted to it, you find yourself smiling from ear to ear, looking at it almost involuntary. 

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So which of the two experiences sounded more enjoyable?

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You should fully trust your photographer, their company ethics, and your investment. You should know, when I am your photographer, I am standing with you, for you, in your corner, and ready the moment you call upon me.

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Here are a few common questions my clients have had and what my solutions are for those fears.


Do all of your photography experiences include a printed keepsake?

Absolutely they do. Every photography experience/session . Time is against you, with barely enough to take care of your family, kids, pets, or even yourself. On top of all that you do in a day, you now have to devote time to find a quality printer, decide what sizes, how many, crop the images, and place the order. Your time is precious. 

It brings me great satisfaction knowing I have designed your exact ideas and wants in your albums and canvasses. That is why every experience with me includes some sort of keepsake. Of course you have the option of modifying any print, album, or canvas to fit the needs of your home. 


How do we customize an Experience, Session, or Keepsake we want?

Everyone has different likes, opinions, and ideas. Every family has different dreams for how they want to spend their time at a photography session and how they want to decorate their walls at home. 

After you have seen the devotion I have for your family and your time, and you choose me as your family photographer, we simply discuss your ideas. I will happily send you a few different quotes so that you can decide what best fits your needs.

Some families know exactly what they want before they even book an Experience/Session. While others need to see some visuals and samples. In either case, I can help guide you to create not just a stunning photo session, but beautiful wall designs if you so choose. 


Do your printed wall art and canvases have a good quality?

Have you ever been to someone's home and seen their family photo sitting in a pretty frame, but notice that it almost has a blue tint to it? That was not on purpose. That is the low quality prints that come from online printers and local department store shops. Why spend the money with a photographer, to go get the image printed, and then to see the image fade a few months later, to have to reprint the image, or be saddened every time you see the faded, disappearing, memory. 

All of the wall art and printed keepsakes I deliver to you, have a fade resistant coating on them. Plus, for your canvas wall art, they only need a light dusting for care. No harsh chemicals needed.

In addition to the quality of the materials themselves, I have all the keepsakes delivered to my office to reexamine and quality check that the printing job was done correctly.


How can my photographic experience last for a lifetime?

Bad things happen. I know this, you know this, everyone knows this. But how can you make sure that your experience and photos survive?

Digital files can be gone in a split second. Hackers and viruses. Power surges. Accidentally deleting the wrong files. Couples have forgotten that a canvas on your wall, or an album on your shelf is still one of the best investments that can guarantee your experience and memories last longer than a life time.

The albums, wall art, and other investment keepsakes I give to you, will stand the test of time. They have special finishes like, UVA/UVB resistant coating so they won't fade in the normal room sunlight, and even fingerprint resistant coating!


Will my album be a cheap, messy, throw together of every image?

An album that is hand designed with me will never be "thrown together". An album is just as special as a canvas or framed wall art. It is a collection of many moments, telling a story through memories you had with each other.

Sadly, photographers just want to photograph a session and put any image, in any order, into a pre-made template from some online printing company. If you are investing your time, your emotion, and your hard earned money into this photography session and keepsake, it should be a stellar album that could win an award. 

Every keepsake I deliver, has been hand designed and quality checked a minimum of three different times. You should look at your album as your own personal, hand designed story.


Okay, but do you really "custom designed" my album?

You have probably known someone who has gone online, and printed an album. I get it. The Mc. Burger Queen theme song of have it your way. Anyone can drag and drop an image into a template. But isn't that just it. If anyone can do it, then every album will look the same. 

I knew before I opened my doors you deserve an album design that shows the experience you had. I not only hand designed all of my own templates in house, but I also modify the template based on the images that were captured at your session. Imagine that! The album that I designed just for you, will have a unique personality, just as you and your family do


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Take me to see the Photography experiences and keepsakes.

Now that you read a few common questions, head back to my experiences and keepsakes page and find the session that best fits your needs. and Don't worry if you want to tweak a session. That's what I'm here for.

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I'm ready to chat with you.

And I am ready to chat with you. I want to know who you are, and who your family is before we get you in front of the camera. You can get in touch with me through this form, or you can text me at 937-550-3133, or you can even send me an email at [email protected] No matter what I am here to answer your questions. 

I'm excited to book an Experience/Session with you.

I am super happy you have decided that I am the family photographer who will bring your photographic memories to life. This form here is a great way to say Hi and let me know what exactly you are wanting to do.


I have a few more questions and fears.

Sometimes you aren't quite ready to set up a date and time, but you want some additional details. Maybe I didn't answer all your questions. If you let me know more here, I can hopefully guide you to what it is that you are thinking, or designing.


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