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Newborn Infant JD (2 of 8)Newborn Infant JD (2 of 8)newborn infant, precious priceless photography

A mom with a dream and an idea and a desire.

Yes! I'm a woman owned business, who is always striving for my idea of success for myself, my two kids, and for my families who use my photography. I never imagined the hurdles of being a woman owned business. I then topped it off with having two children. But, being busy, creating new memories through both work and personal life is so fulfilling that I can confidently say, I have reached my idea of success. I'm looking forward to the next chapter when I have my both kids running around as toddlers, and I have more happy families who can't stop bragging about their wonderful photo keepsakes!


Why photography? Why photograph newborns, seniors, and families?

 I always knew I would do something in the art industry. I was okay with the idea of "being an artist". I never imagined I would be more and own my very own photography business. I always thought I would forever be a secretary, assistant, or work for some customer service department. I even dabbled with the idea of being a nurse. Unfortunately, needles and I just don't get along. haha. I ultimately choose to start my career capturing wedding memories and through the support of those newly wed couples, I have had the pleasure of capturing their family memories. 

Newborn photography is a gift unlike any other photography imaginable. Having had two children, babies are a true miracle. The fact that a woman's body, grows an organ, and then  from two tiny cells can grow human life. Just wow! I am so taken aback, every time, when I see a tiny delicate human who is no bigger than a small bag of rice. I feel honored when Mom's and Dad's trust me to capture these moments.

Senior photographs are my joy ride. I relive my own high school memories every time. When I get to hear the dream and idea of a senior graduate, I can't help but capture their personality in my photos. I really enjoy when the senior I'm photographing brings their favorite props or has a crazy session idea. Best of all, when their parents look at their photos and say, this is so hard to pick just one for our wall. I know I did exactly when they hoped for and more!

Top off my photography cravings with capturing creative family photographs and I'm in a blissful state of being. Almost every family I've captured has told me 'We didn't know what to expect taking professional photographs. We never imagined we would have had so much fun. And, we love our framed photo that we can't wait to update every year. You captured our best smiles.'

Newborn Infant JD (1 of 8)Newborn Infant JD (1 of 8)newborn infant, precious priceless photography

The Experience and Keepsake You Deserve, Is hard to find. Or Most Photographers don't offer it.

(Or Most Photographer's don't offer it.) 

When I think about the kind of photography experience I want to give to every family I photograph, I put myself in their shoes. I think, "If I were in front of the camera, what would I want? What canvases do I want to see on my wall?" Here is what I have discovered.

It seems every photographer started to change back in the early 2000's. Today, most photographers offer session with only digital downloads. I feel like I'm visiting a McBurger Queen. Yea, I get it my way, but I have no appreciation for the photography experience. Photographers now want to take my pictures, send me a download link, and then get rid of me. Treat me as if I'm a cash cow.

I want someone who will set up a phone call before the session to get to know me and my family and to communicate the ideas and adventure we will have in front of the camera. At the session, I want to simply have fun. I don't want to work or think about how the kids are posing or if their smiles look good. I want to be present in the moment. I want to simply experience having an enjoyable time, laughing with no care in the world. Shortly after the session, I want to be able to set up a time, go to a studio, or video chat, and see what my keepsake options are. I want to see an actual wall art or collection of prints on a wall. I want to see what the photographer can give me to show off my absolute, can't live without, moments from our session. 

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"Show Me Your Photography Experiences and Keepsakes".

You have a glimpse of who I am, now come see what I can give you. I want to share my photography experiences and session and I want to be able to give you the most memorable keepsakes that you can't stop looking at, or brag about to your friends about. Visit the section with Family Photography Experiences and Keepsakes.

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"I Want to Book a Slot for the Mini Session Event".

I am working hard to find the best location and the best weekend to set up my Mini Session Event. If you would like to be notified immediately when a weekend and location has been given, Tell me to save your name! Space will be very limited, and first come first booked bases.

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"I Want More Details" or "I Want to Book A Session" 

Need a little more information about a photography experience and keepsake? Follow this link.

Want to book a photography experience and keepsake? Get my attention Here.


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