About Your Photographer, Crystal


Hi, I'm Crystal and I am your specialized professional photographer. I prefer to hear about my families and their stories, but you want to know a little about myself. Here it is.


I love cats & dogs both. I enjoy art and a good dad jokes. Besides photography, my second passion is cooking. I always put my family before work, and every person should do the same. I have been with my husband for over 15 yrs. Yes, high school sweet hearts. We recently celebrated having our first child. Finally, I’m an original 90’s “gamer girl”. I play console games, board games, card games, dice games, and of course a high addiction for D&D (Dungeon & Dragons).


Why am I a Photographer?


If all the world lost technology we still have photographs. At least we should. I want everyone to feel the memories on their walls are priceless. The best photograph should not hide on your phone. Photographs were not meant to disappear with an accidental Delete button. To vanish because of some water. Or to pay a monthly fee for storage. Moments should be loud and proud. You should see them every day. Photos remind us of why we wake up every morning. They lift us up during the hard times, and heal the sad. Most of all, photographs should fill your home with emotion. Anyone and everyone should be envy your customized home decorations.


funny story: As many people noticed in July of 2019 social media stopped working for a day. Photographs didn't work. So I ask you, if the internet ‘croaked’, do you have photos on your walls? I do. Even before my career shift. Photographs spark memories. They get people talking and laughing.


But the truth is, my photography gives me time with my family.


How did I start?


Three simple answers.

1. Family and friends were doing what they love.

2. I had a good-bad moment with my own photography experience.

3. I had a natural photographer's eye (and didn't know what that meant).


It was scary taking the actual leap. I jumped from a 9-5, comfortable, job secure, career. But was it secure? Of course not. Being laid off for "down sizing" proved that there is no such thing as job security.


But I didn't want to work for a photographer. I wanted to decide how to make someone like you happy. I know what experience you desire, I know what you will remember. That is what drives me every day. I listen to my clients and they trust me.




I always hope that my clients see the value in photography, but also in the experience that I offer. One of a kind and unforgettable. Moments will be gone before you know it.