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Newborn, Senior, & Family Photography is more than taking your photo. It's the Emotional Moments on your wall for a Lifetime.

Photography is more than taking a picture on your phone.

Everyone has a phone. I've seen 4-year-old kids with phones. And, everyone takes pictures with it. But you know a phone is not a camera. Ask yourself, 'How many people hang large printed cell phone photos on their walls?'

You search for a professional photographer who can help you with ideas for your photos and answer all your photography questions. You search for someone who is great with kids or is really easy to talk to and can understand you. You want that photographer to know what you mean because sometimes it doesn't match what you say. You especially want someone who is extremely confident and makes you feel confident and comfortable, even though you know that you don't like being in front of the camera yourself. That's where I come in with Mommy and Me Studio.

I know to ask you questions like, "At this exact moment, what do you see hung on your walls near your couch? I also ask things like, "What does your family like to do for fun." or "What do you like most when you see a photo of yourself but what are you uneasy about?"

I want for you to have a memorable photography experience that you want again and again! Above all, I want you to look at your collection of images and think, 'Wow, I'm so happy these came out better than I hoped. I can't pick just one." My experience for you is one that you look forward to every year.

Be overjoyed seeing your favorite photographs as your own customized home decorations. Bet you can't find that at any craft store!


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​​​​​Mommy And Me Studio has a Contagious Personality.

I don't have some amazing story or emotional tale of how Mommy And Me Studio came to be. I simply have a contagious personality. I emit a happiness and a confidence that you can't help but soak in. I started as a wedding photographer. My newly wed couples enjoyed their wedding photographs so much, they asked me to capture their family photographs as well.

How could I say no to a sweet 1 week old baby boy? How could I deny making a senior graduate feel empowered when she looked at her collection of senior photographs? Why would I every stop a family from having fun at the park and giving them the Gift of a treasured experience?

I just had to do it. So I am Here to Stay.

My Difference Is In The Photos You Hang At Home

Too often I hear the exact same speech over and over. "I called so many photographers and you're the first to ask me about me." My mind is always blown away when I hear this. Anyone can learn to take a photo, but it takes a truly caring and real person to actually get to know someone like you before you even choose them. You and your loved ones are in the photos. Learning your personalities is my pleasure and excitement. If I don't know you, how can I capture who you and your family are. I want you to see you as I see you! Your family is beautiful and I make sure to capture every personality so you can treasure those memories on your wall for a lifetime!


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Passionately Photographing Newborns, Seniors, and Families in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Ohio Tristate.